Skill Development


Since our inception, we take pride to be part of the SKILL INDIA MISSION by being impaneled as an ASSESSMENT PARTNER TO SECTOR SKILL COUNCILS.

Our 150+ Certified Assessors based in PAN India are experts in their respective fields and their enriched industry experience helps the students to understand the current trends in the industry. This helps the assessments to be more effective as it brings industrial exposure to the students.

Our Assessors undergoes systematic orientation, training, and induction process, every assessor is issued with proper ID cards along with relevant data source they need to get validated during each assessment, and we also conduct random checks/inspections monitoring each Assessment closely.

Our Assessors undergo Internal & External Training from time to time to be updated about the latest happenings.

Currently, we are affiliated with & conducting Assessments for the various Sector Skill Councils mentioned below

Our continuous endeavor to add more sectors and verticals


We are one of the First Assessment Agencies affiliated with ASDC (Automotive Skill Development Council ) and also a Knowledge Partner.

Currently impanelled with 4 Sector Skill Council and is in the process of impanelling with other SSCs. Assessments are done based on the QPs Designed by the respective Sector Skill Council.

A panel of more than 200+ Certified Assessors has impaneled with us PAN INDIA who have been the supporting pillars during our journey so far.

More than 150000+ students were assessed in diversified job roles across Sector Skill Council and ongoing.

Our potential of conducting Assessments in 12 different languages even in the remote locations of PAN INDIA.

In house, Technical competency of conducting Online/Offline Assessments and virtual assessments.

Developing Psychometric assessments, and customised employability assessments.

Digital Trainings & Assessments delivery Platform.


Green arrows Safety Management can also conduct independent third-party skill and employability assessments for Industry-led skill training programs.

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